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Pafsilipon suites

Pafsilipon; the perfect starting point.

Are you an early riser? Or a night owl staying up until the early hours of the morning? In either case, you owe it to yourself to catch at least one sunrise over the Aegean Sea and witness one of the most beautiful scenes. High enough to offer panoramic view, the terrace of Pafsilipon Suites is the most convenient place to watch the sky change colors as the sun rises above the sea and the neoclassical beauty of Hermoupolis. Pafsilipon is the perfect starting point to explore the capital of Syros on foot as all the highlights are just a stone's throw away from the Suites and from each other. Take a stroll around cobblestone alleys for a scenic, see-it-all tour around the open-air museum of Romantic Classicism with cosmopolitan, charming atmosphere that Hermoupolis is.

2-minute walk to Asteria (meaning Stars); the popular urban beach of Syros, overlooking neoclassical mansions hanging above the sea. Dive from the platform to swim, enjoy your coffee or a drink in the bar and relax on the sofas and sun beds.


Walk around to the most aristocratic quarter of Hermoupolis with magnificent neoclassical buildings hovering over the sea as if they are about to sail, giving the neighborhood the name Vaporia meaning “Ships”. The prestigious families of Syros built impressive manors for their residences with high ceilings adorned with frescoes, marble balconies, wooden floors and carved wooden doors. 4-minute walk to the Orthodox Temple of Saint Nicholas; A magnificent blend of Byzantine and neoclassical design, the church is dedicated to the patron saint of Hermoupolis. Standing out for its majestic dome and marble bell towers as well as its imposing marble staircase and propylaeums, the monumental temple is a creation of impressive architecture.

Apollon Theater

8-minute walk to Apollon Theater. Emblem of the cultural development of Hermoupolis, the theater was built in 1864 by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo, expressing at least 4 Italian standards including the Scala di Milano. Enter the building to see the 9×10 meters stage with the orchestra space in front, the wooden seats, the velvet handrails and curtains, the ceiling fresco depicting poets and composers.

8-minute walk to the Cultural Center of Hermoupolis. Built in 1863 under the supervision of Pietro Sampo to house the Hellas Club of the mighty bourgeoisie, the building fascinates for its monumental appearance. Nowadays is the Cultural Center of Hermoupolis and a Convention Center.

Miaouli square - Town Hall

9-minute walk to Miaouli square; the majestic marble square, where the pulse of the island beats, is a dreamy landscape of the 19th century featuring architectural marvels, towering palm trees, a music stage with embossed drawings of Apollo and the muses, cafes and the statue of the admiral from the Greek war of independence Andreas Miaoulis. The crown jewel is the building of the Town Hall. Designed by the renowned architect Ernst Ziller, who allegedly drew his inspiration from the Homeric palace standards of the Trojan King Priam, it was built in 1898 to impress. The ultimate meeting point of Syros, where you will see children play and grownups enjoy their coffee or drink, will travel you back in time. Visit the Historical Archive of Cyclades, the Library and the Archaeological Museum where early Cycladic and Byzantine artifacts are exhibited


10-minute walk to the shopping streets of Hermoupolis, dotted with elegant boutiques and shops offering all kind of beautiful things.

10-minute walk to Chios street, the main food-shopping street in Hermoupolis. Wander through small charming stores to find fresh fruits, traditional local sausages with wild fennel and the famous cured pork loin a la Syros named louza, specialty products of the island such as caper, organic teas from herbs cultivated by the local brand Cyclades Organics, organic thyme honey by the local beekeeper Organic Beez, the local hand made marmalades and jams by Arom, San Michali the most celebrated PDO Greek cheese made exclusively in Syros, traditional made in-house delicacies like pastelaries (sun-dried figs filled with sesame and flavored with cinnamon), sun-dried tomatoes and pickled rock samphire.

12-minute walk to the seafront, where you can buy fresh fish from small fishing boats which arrive every day to sell their catch of the day. Or loukoumi, the trademark sweet delicacy of Syros from water, starch and sugar in various flavors, and chalvadopita (local nougat pie from local honey, sugar, vanilla, egg whites and almonds) made the traditional way by Loukoumia Aggelikas. Or enjoy your coffee, lunch, dinner or cocktail in one of the cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea.


10-minute walk to the monumental two-story marble building of the Customs office and the Transit Warehouse. Built in 1860 by the sea for merchant ships to moor at the waterfront and pass the customs control, is the first Custom office in Greece and a historic monument. Not to mention an ideal site for photos of you with Hermoupolis on the background!

20-minute walk to visit the Orthodox Church of the Dormition and realize one more time that Syros is full of surprises; the church is the home of an icon of great scientific value since it is the earliest-known signed work by Domenikos Theotokopoulos (El Greco). The authentic icon of The Dormition of the Virgin was painted in 1562 when El Greco was still in Crete. The icon combines post-Byzantine and Italian mannerist stylistic and iconographic elements and its discovery in Syros constituted a significant advance in the understanding of El Greco's formation and early career.

Ano Syros and villages

Rent a car to drive up the hill of Ano Syros; the Cycladic citadel of the later Byzantine era. A completely different scenery with small houses build one next to the other in circular order with a radial street plan, narrow cobbled alleys and covered passageways. At the top of the hill stands the Monastery of the Capuchin Fathers which was founded in 1637 and is a monument of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine era.

Take a tour around the southern part of Syros, along the coastline of the island with seaside resorts, a variety of beaches, steep cliffs, turquoise crystal clear waters. Make a stop at Episkopio, the 19th century's resort with imposing mansions, Posidonia with the prestigious Agathopes beach and grand manors of the past embellished with towers and large gardens or at Chroussa, the village with quaint chapels and pine trees, majestic mansions and estates with pavilions and dovecotes. Drive north to see for yourself the place where mythology met history and created one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. On the northeast side of Syros, the prehistoric Chalandriani and Kastri date back to the 3rd millennium BC and both are archeological sites of major importance in the Aegean archipelago.

Cyclades means days full of sea and sun

Vacation in Cyclades means days full of sea and sun. When beautiful beach experience comprises of crystal clear sea, calm atmosphere, sandy or tiny pebbles and an overall relaxing environment, then Ambela, Achladi, Delfini, Lotos and Kokkina are the beaches for you. When a beach lounge bed and a beach bar or restaurants are a plus to pristine waters, then Agathopes, Galissas, Komito, Kini, Vari, Megas Gialos and Azolimnos are the right choices. For fans of water sports, Foinikas will not disappoint. When you are looking for beaches untouched by commercialization, board one of the small boats that depart from the pier at Kini village to the northern beaches of Aetos, Lia, Marmari, Gria Spilia and Grammata.

Your foodie vacations

Syros is its own little gastronomic kingdom, where traditional cooking meets modern recipes and sophisticated cuisine is based on simple yet distinctive locally produced ingredients. We recommend that you use your time in the island to take part in a game of discovering new flavors and try: Iliovasilema on Galissas beach: awarded by the Greek Cuisine Awards for its Greek creative cuisine, allou yialou on Kini beach: a multi awarded for its fresh fish and seafood menu restaurant right by the sea, Avant Garden across the Apollon Theater: a fine dining restaurant which has connected its name with the high gastronomy of Greek cuisine, ONO Concept on Agathopes beach: a concept venue to spend your days and nights in elegance with restaurant and sushi bar awarded with the Gold Award of Quality & Taste 2019, Ciel on Asteria: a breath away from Pafsilipon Suites, the beach bar and restaurant will tempt you to spend your whole day and night there.